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Crazy I saw a write up here for Judith Norman?I got an amazing deal on an amazing bed and nightstands.

I bought them 7yrs ago from DCOTA and am actually sad to have to part with because of a move. Don't believe the hype of the other complaint. Funny there is one complaint. Lol go to pottery barn, kmp, west elm, z gallery, restoration hardware, rooms to go.

Read their reviews then come back to Judith Norman. Quality furniture here reasonable price. King bed and nightstands I think I got for $3,500.

It's still amazing 7yrs later.No broken handles, missing legs, chipping all the usual you would find with the other places.

Review about: Bed Purchase.

Judith Norman

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This Furniture Company located at DCOTA is real work of scam, I prices a piece, then took the time to go to the Manufacturer to get pricing in the same item and the difference was crazy. 400% margin, come on.... greed is all I can think about.

They suck, if you want to buy high end furniture just go to the manufacturers web site and get a quote and keep your money in the bank.

Must lines that Judith Norman carries are online and one click away from getting great pricing. Keep checking this site is awesome.

Thanks again PC.

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